PIEGĀDE PA NĪDERLANDI būs 26.11./27.11.2022. nākamā piegāde pa beļģiju būs 03.12.2022. Ar DPD un DHL šajā sadaļā esošie produkti netiek sūtīti.

DELIVERY IN NETHERLAND will be in 26.11./27.11.2022. next Delivery in Belgium will be 03.12.2022. we do not sent products from this section with dpd or dhl.

Did you know that as much as 50% of conventional ice cream is made up by water & air? At MiniMelts, we flash freeze the ice cream in split seconds, to lock in 100% of the flavor. MiniMelts is made from "Rūjienas" ice cream.

The unique texture of the loose ice cream balls is formed by a patented cryogenic technology in which the milk, cream and natural flavorings are frozen with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -197°C. This technique allows no water and no air to be trapped in the ice cream, locking in all the natural flavor and the texture of the ingredients.  MiniMelts doesn't contain artificial flavors, colors, and we also don't use any artificial preservatives in the ice cream.
MiniMelts are stored at a temperature between -28 °C and -35 °C, much lower than any conventional ice cream.

A portion of 240 grams is enough for 4 people.

Net weight: 240 g