Laima liqueur candies "Prozit cocktails"

€ 5,19

Ingredients: sugar, water, alcohol, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifiers (ammonium phosphatides, polyglycerol polyricinolate), flavorings (cranberry, pina coladas, mojito, citrus, cosmopolitan, tonic, vodka, rum, peppermint, citron, vanilin).

May contain milk, soy, various nuts, peanuts, cereals containing gluten and egg particles.

It is recommended to eat carefully, candies contain liquid filling.

100g of product contains: energy value 1979 kJ / 473 kcal; fat 9.8 g (saturated fatty acids 5.9 g); carbohydrates 86 g; sugar 85 g; protein 1.1 g; salt 0 g.

Net weight: 180 g

Expiration date: 03.12.2023.