Liepkalnu strength rye bread without yeast, pre order

€ 2,99

Made without wheat flour and yeast!

Usually yeast is the best known sighting material, but kefir, pure culture or some other acidic environment is widely used in Latvian traditions. Pure culture was used as a yeast instead of yeast for strength rye bread.

Ingredients: rye flour, sugar, rye malt, pure culture (milk, lactic acid bacteria), salt, wheat bran, cumin.

100 g of product contains: energy value 261 kcal / 1105 kJ, fat 1.2 g (saturated fatty acids 0.07 g); carbohydrates 52.2 g (sugars 7.2 g); fiber 8.1 g; protein 6.4 g; salt 1.17 g.

Net weight: 500 g


Expiration date upon arrival in the Netherlands:  5 days