Liepkalnu strength rye bread with grain and without yeast, pre order

€ 2,85

Made without wheat flour and yeast. Pure culture was used as a yeast instead of yeast.

Ingredients: rye flour, barley grains (17%), sugar, sunflower seeds, rye malt, pure culture (milk, lactic acid bacteria), wheat bran, salt, cumin.

100 g of product contains: energy value 273 kcal / 1152 kJ, fat 3.2 g (saturated fatty acids 0.3 g); carbohydrates 49.6 g (sugars 6.0 g); fiber 8.6 g; protein 7.2 g; salt 0.97 g.

Net weight: 500 g


Expiration date upon arrival in the Netherlands:  3 days