Liepkalnu wholemeal rye bread, cutted, pre order

€ 2,85

Made from wholemeal rye flour, without yeast. Flour is ground from the whole grain, including both the germ and the husk. All the valuable substances in the grain are preserved. Bread is more complete.

Ingredients: wholemeal rye flour (100%), wholemeal flakes (12%) (rye, wheat, oat, barley), sugar, rye malt, rye bran, salt, cumin.

100 g of product contains: energy value 1086 kJ / 257 kcal; fat 1.4 g (saturated fatty acids 0.07 g); carbohydrates 48.4 g (sugars 6.1 g); fiber 10.7 g; protein 7.5 g; salt 1.05 g.

Net weight: 400 g


Expiration date upon arrival in the Netherlands:  1-2 days