The Beginnings macaroon cookies, pre order

€ 3,63

Ingredients: shredded coconut, agave syrup, lemon, cocoa powder, blackcurrant, goji berries, inca berries, cocoa butter, lemon juice, beetroot juice, turmeric, almond flour.

100 g of the product contains: energy value 2155 kJ / 543 kcal; fat 39.5 g (including 1.5 g saturated fatty acids); carbohydrates 35.1 g (including sugars 17 g); protein 5.7 g; salt 0.01 g.

Vegan, gluten free, slowly dried, palm oil free, dairy free, free from additives, GMO, free from trans fat, free from palm oil.

Net weight: 80 g

The product will be shipped on 19.04.2021.