Laima waffle cake “Vāverīte”, pre order

€ 3,49

Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, peanuts, vegetable fats (palm, shea butter, emulsifiers (sorbitan tristearate, sunflower lecithin)), cocoa powder with reduced fat content, hazelnuts 3%, milk powder, coffee, cocoa butter, butter (from milk ), starch, egg powder, emulsifiers (ammonium phosphatides, soya lecithin), disintegrant sodium bicarbonate, salt, flavorings.

100g of product contains: energy value 2293 kJ / 548 kcal; fat 34 g (saturated fatty acids 14 g); carbohydrates 51 g; sugar 31 g; protein 9.5 g; salt 0.2 g.

Net weight: 350 g

The product will be shipped on 26.10.2020.